Daniel Flath

Operations Manager

Daniel is the Operations Manager for Liberty Title.  His expertise in closings, improving the clients experience, solving title issues, and serving residential and commercial clients is derived from a history of nearly twenty years of title insurance experience.  Having owned and operated a closing services company and title insurance company gives him a deep appreciation of other business owners’ perspective lending richness to proposed solutions that work toward a successful closing without compromising Liberty Title’s underwriter guidelines.   Daniel’s commitment to internal process improvement allows Liberty to continue to offer high quality title and escrow services at a fair price point.  dan@libertytitleinc.us

Trina LaForce 3

Trina LaForce


Trina is a Manager of Liberty Title, Inc.  Mrs. LaForce joined the Liberty Title team in 2004 and works with our closers & processors to ensure our clients receive superior service.  Her title and closing experience ensures our client's the excellent customer service they deserve.  She has a great attention to the small details on files which allows her to exceed her clients expectations. She enjoys working on short sale files and bank owned properties.  Always willing to take on a challenge and help her clients get those tough files closed.  trina@libertytitleinc.us



Karla Pierskalla

Director Of Business Development 
D: 612.616.1513

Randolf W. Johnson

Randolph W. Johnson

Attorney at Law
Lead Examiner/Manager 

Randolph (Randy) Johnson is currently licensed to practice law in the State of Minnesota and has been with Liberty Title, Inc. since 2013. He has brought his many years of experience in the real estate and title industry with him as a tool for us and our clients to rely on. He has worked in the real estate industry since 1988 and the title industry since 1990 and is a valuable resource for issues pertaining to title and real estate transactions. Randy has proven to be adept at assisting our clients and our staff with issues pertaining to the status of title, insurability of title and developing resolutions to cure defects of title and/or resolve issues pertaining to a given transaction. Additionally he has shown that he has a proven ability to relate those issues and the possible resolutions to the staff and parties involved in manner that can bring some understanding to the situation. Randy has stressed the importance of Liberty’s work as a team for the benefit of our clients and the industry and has demonstrated his desire and ability to assist Liberty Title, Inc., to grow as one of the leaders in the industry and for Liberty Title, Inc. to provide quality service and a rewarding experience for our clients.

Kelly LaForce

Kelly LaForce 

Post Closing/Abstracting Manager

Kelly is the Abstracting and Post Closing Manager for Liberty Title, Inc. Kelly's daily duty is abstracting and furnishing an accurate representation of the Real Estate records to our Examination Department. He is also responsible for managing Liberty's Recording and Final Policy Departments, making sure that we have the best people in place and assuring that the departments have the necessary resources to stay compliant with our underwriter requirements and ALTA's Best Practices. With over 13 years of experience in the Title Industry, Kelly has the knowledge and expertise to solve almost all issues presented to a title agent. kelly@libertytitleinc.us

Sherrie Olson 3

Sherrie Olson


Sherrie Olson is a Manager for Liberty Title.   In her current role on the Management Team, Sherrie helps deliver strategy for day to day operations, customer retention, and performance management.  She analyzes and assists in the deployment of training, marketing, and employee satisfaction throughout our organization.   Sherrie provides an accurate, thoughtful and forward-thinking aspect to Liberty Title.   sherrie@libertytitleinc.us