Social Media 101 30 min. -Presenter: Liberty Marketing Rep
Are you new to social media or have limited experience using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Flicker and YouTube to cultivate new leads? In a little over and hour we will set you up and get you going. In addition we will explain the basis for mass adaption of social media marketing with 4 steps to success.

Social Media 102 60 min. -Presenter: Liberty Marketing Rep  
So you are already using social media and have established an online presence? Now what? We will discuss which SM tools are appropriate to reach your business objectives and develop an understanding of the top 10 tasks to actively engage in SM.

Goal Setting and Time Blocking Workshops 30 min..-Presenter: Liberty Marketing Rep
Two of the most important principals of any successful real estate career are also the two most ignored. This class will provide a new level personal accountability to your business. An established productivity coach will discuss basic strategies to achieve your new found goals.

Contract for Deeds 60 min. - Presenter: Jeff Zweifel
An alternative to traditional financing, this class will encompass all aspects of the Contract for Deed process. It will cover the legal perspective, the mechanics and your role as an agent. It will also cover items not in the addendum; such as in-depth financing, down payments and commissions.

Short Sale Transactions -60 min. -Presenter: Jeff Zweifel
Short Sales have become as prevalent in our market as traditional sales. Through education, understanding and the right resources you can succeed and profit in a difficult market. NAR predicts 57% of those participating in short sales will again be buyers by 2013.

Closing Overview -30 min. Presenter: Sherrie Olson & Closing Executive
Do you know what happens once you submit a title order or purchase agreement to the title company? This presentation gives an idea of the process each file goes through from start to finish. The closing executive will give tips on how to have your closings go as smoothly as possible.

Why Buy Title Insurance -10 min. Presenter: Daniel Flath
We all know it is a good practice to encourage your client to buy an Owners Title Policy but what does this important policy actually cover. This presentation will highlight several scenarios and how an Owners Title Policy would protect your clients’ investment.

How to Read a Title Commitment -10 min. Presenter: Daniel Flath
Two minutes of your time on the front end can save you hours of headaches on the back end. Learn how to quickly read title commitments and recognize potential issues that may prevent or delay your closing.

Mock Closings - Presenter: Varies on location of class.

LLC and its use in Real Estate Transactions 60 min. Presenter: Jeff Zweifel
While forming an LLC is typically a very simple process, the decision whether to form an LLC or another entity is not. Attorney Jeff Zweifel has designed a training seminar to help you learn more about LLC’s. Jeff will help explain what an LLC is, other forms of business entities are, how to properly conduct business as an LCC and use of LLC’s in the context of Real Estate matters.


Hot Topics in Real Estate Presenter: Varies based on topic. Let us know a topic you would like us to develop and present. Past topics include, QuickBooks, Tax Preparation, importance of an Open House, and QR Codes.